These are illustrations for the presentation of reage band Mocambo. All of theme are digital. In each one I try to explain the meaning on the lirycs.

1· Irie; it talks about a feeling, a way of seeing life in the rastafarian culture, but extensive for everyone. It’s about transforming bad feelengs to good ones.

2· El que som; this is about love, but not only the romantic one, it talks about every single type of love. I try to work with empty spaces betwein the characters, they create a heart with therir siluets. I don’t wnat the heart to be super obvious so I didn’t draw any line.

3·Jutges; This is about justice, spaish justice. These are 3 judges of the “catalan proces”, every one of them has something related with the case that reflects their actitude about it.

4· Cançons revels; This maybe it’s the most literal interpretation, the song is called rebel songs so I draw some fists raised doing the funcion of the notes in a pentagram that has de simbol of silince on it, pretty obvious but it’s my favorite.